Professional Services

Services are provided based on the company’s existing technology and software. We specialize in industrial software’s that are used widely in the existing market. Hardware services are configured and implemented on the client’s requirement.

  1. Network Solutions

    A new level of connectedness, driven by personal devices and the Internet of Things, is changing how networks are managed. Our Networking Solutions Practice addresses the challenges of succeeding in a business environment that demands constant connection.

    We offer a broad set of deployment solutions for top global networking OEM products ranging from campus access layers, WAN migrations, mobility, and data center networking. Whether you’re interested in routing, switching, mobility or other networking solutions, we can help you get up and running fast.

  2. Collaboration

    Working together should be easy, plain and simple. Unfortunately, collaboration at the enterprise level brings with it complex challenges. With the rapid growth of remote workers, the rise of BYOD and changing end-user technologies, collaboration solutions must enable employees to connect on any device, anytime, anywhere.

    We can help you plan, design and implement collaborative architectures that provide employees and customers with quality experiences across all endpoints. We work with customers to build solutions including unified communications, conferencing, video and contact center.

  3. Cyber Security

    Cyber security is essential to protecting your enterprise’s critical data, brand reputation and important assets. By aligning security governance and compliance programs with targeted business and IT security investments, enterprises can better handle threats to their security.

    We can help you deploy OEM security solutions within your enterprise to protect your information. In combination with our partners, we can help you protect critical infrastructure against the expanding risks created by mobile devices, cloud computing and social media by providing solutions ranging from network and data protection to identity services and perimeter security.

  4. Data Center

    Data center architectures must improve organizations’ abilities to deliver services that consider agility, cost and risk. We can help you plan, design and implement next-generation infrastructure management capabilities to support the priorities of your lines of business, including cloud infrastructure architectures as your enterprise grows.

    By offering services such as data center networking, converged infrastructure, storage, compute, and virtualization deployments, we can help your organization reduce and contain data center costs and implement software-defined infrastructures that will be easier to manage, maintain and configure going forward.

  5. Facilities Infrastructure

    We have extensive experience optimizing physical infrastructures across industries. Working closely with specialized partners such as PANDUIT®, Liebert Corporation, APC and Cisco, we solve your toughest challenges and maximize your IT investments. You get the focused support you need to seamlessly deploy the latest technologies, ensure reliable networking and enhance performance across your enterprise.

    In addition to our surveys, assessments, and computational fluid dynamics services, we can provide industry- and manufacturer-certified installers, extended warranty options and simplified maintenance solutions, diminishing the risk of your IT investments while making your systems easier to manage and maintain.